Bibis Fashion & Bakery cafe / Dcova

As usual, gone out with Alice unplanned and she’s always my cafe haunting partner. Went Bibis Fashion & Bakery cafe the other day (Saturday)







The food was okay nothing special and it’s pricey to the both of us.

As always, we catch up with each other’s daily life and gossip, duh? After approximately 2 hours in the cafe, we walk to paragon and did a little shopping. Well not us but Alice lol cause I’m a broke ass bitch lol.

Ootd the other day ;




Super simple basic ootd because I don’t feel like wearing too fancy



Then the next day I was supposed to go out with her again but I got lazy lol so Greg gave her a lift cause she wanted to go Avenue while I want to run some errands.




After that the both of us was really hungry and after a couple of minutes, we decided to go Dcova. I had wanted to try at that cafe for quite a long time ago.
Damn the food was expensive for a regular cafe and the food was also regular. I ordered a latte, flat white and bowl of pasta and it cost me 36+ without taxes geez.

So the 3 of us kept talking until it’s time to fetch Alice to Avenue.


Ps. So sorry for the dying blog. My trails just ended and I have a lot of work to do so sorry! Let’s just hope I have more time to update now.


Boho enough for you?

Just another throwback ootd featuring another diy, Brandy Melville inspired chiyo top. I have observed some local online shop who sell Brandy Melville  chiyo top. Some inspired and some are the real thing but as me being me, I was far too lazy to bank in and all that, plus I don’t wanna waste money lol and also I have a lot of abandoned  tanks in my drawer so I was thinking maybe I could make one for a cheaper price.

I was so happy with myself that nothing snap because I sew like a kid lol.











I got my top from Cotton On and it was so baggy despite that the size is S gosh.

And a friend was asking me if I would make one of this Chiyo top and sell it to her, why not? If any of you are intrested, pm me on Facebook or contact me through Wechat (You can find my Wechat ID on insta)

Plus my jewelries obsession is growing again lol

Ps, no close pictures of my jewelries because I lazy lol. (Broken English alert) I’ll be posting up my birthday haul and stuff soon too (When I’m free enough to do that lol)

Nights like this

I thought yesterday would be the time for me to stay at home and be all typical ( Surfing the Internet all day, doing assignment etc ) because it was so chilly but cozy when Alice texted me asking me if I was available.  Since she had ask me numerous times if I was free on that week, why not make myself available for her now since I was pack with sport practises and house decorations that I could not make it before yesterday. Drag myself out of my house and we meet up at her pushcart.

We (I?) Wanted to try out a new cafe so we head to Brew Thirty Two coffee house ( Since it was one of the cafe who is still open till 12 or later )

Hell I swear the service was so bad that once I enter the cafe, it made me want to back my way out. Once we enter the cafe, they just glance at us, without greetings, without any sign of warmness. We stood there waiting for the other customers to leave so we could have a place to sit. Self service hahahaha! Okay let the pictures do the talking first ;






What do you think? Looks tempting? Okay let me share my opinion on each and every of them alright?

1. Something something latte caramel
    They said it was their “signature” coffee. Hell! It was watery and the coffee was not strong enough. Thought it was going to wow me but vice versa.

2. Chocolate something lol
    They do not have ice mocha so it depressed her haha but the chocolate was too sweet and it taste like they added in syrup.

3. Bacon spaghetti (Because they ran out of salmon )
    It was salty as fark and it was so oily that when I scoop all the leftover oil, it filled up the spoon, no exaggeration! I swear I could get obesity lolol

4. Bacon burger ? I don’t know
    Honestly I don’t really know how this taste like so I’m not going to say anything.

5. Peanut butter crepe cake
    I kinda think it was ok or maybe it’s just me because any pastries makes me happy lol.  But this did not.

So our mood was destroyed by the horrible dinner we had plus it burned holes in out wallets because it was so pricey (I don’t mind good food with high price but crappy food with that high price? Gosh ) it’s a waste though since the environment wasn’t that bad.

We head to bowling and that was my first time being in a bowling alley so obviously I was a noob lol







But I did score some points hahaha! At first I thought it would be like those games that I played in the computer where you have to use full force and stuff but the floor turn out to be slippery  lol *facepalm

While waiting for her cousin to fetch us back, we head to E&O hotel to chill at 12.30 am lololol




I look drunk but I was not okay?! Lol.

Came back around 1.30 am (?) Wasn’t a bad Saturday honestly but I wanna try coming back at dawn lololol


Acting all cool tsk. I need more baggy clothes since my I-Don’t-Care-What-You-Think-About-Me and I’m-Not-Gonna-Impress-Anyone-So-I’ll-Wear-Whatever-I-Want-And-Look-However-I-Want attitude is kicking in. Rebellious much.

Come to think of it, I need more nights like this with the people I love since I rarely go out during the day anymore. It’s either during evenings or late evenings.

Teenage dirthbag

Supposed to haunt for canvases and art stuff yesterday but when we (Abi and I) reach the store, it was close due to a public holiday. Abi wanted to watch a movie and decided to head to Gurney since she said there’s more options. Watch Edge of Tomorrow and I thought it was going to be boring at the starting because (Spoiler alert) they kept repeating the same day again but to my surprise it was not a bad movie. Abi on the other hand was having a brain fart whereby she did not understand the ending.

Did nothing much at Gurney though and I did not buy anything. I’m far too lazy to talk to much now since I’m deciding to head to Queens for my precious Mexican food since I’m a bit morose for I don’t know what god damn reason.

Ootd ;

 was too tired to dress up and haunt for shirt. Plus I need more crop tops (I never buy my crop tops, I DIY all of them)
And that grunge-ish checker outwear, I cut the sleeves off (Sorry not sorry mom since its been in my closet for years)




Dah face and if you notice, Abigail is a terrible photographer.


o not ever buy that coconut water, seriously. Its a waste of my 8 bucks gosh it taste contaminated.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2
When there’s Abi, there’s countless of photo of us camwhoring.

K bye. I need my food. Woke up at 3 P.M today and I only drank smoothie (Where did my appetite gone to?)

P.S Yes the title is from the show itself lol

Oh you know.

Went out today (I’m always out so whut?) to accompany a friend and do some catching up since I have not hang out with any of my friends this holiday since I’m busy and all. I cooked for her to cheer her up and I realized that I had cook for 4 people this week hahahahaha!! And yea to buy a friend of mine present for her birthday.  And I am going to do so again tomorrow with addition of buying myself paint etc etc. Anyway ootd;










Super simple and casual ootd because I think I ran out of clothes to wear (I still have some dresses etc with the price tag on though. ) okay maybe I just ran out of rainy days outfits. And and and as some of you can tell,  yesssssss I had finally changed my phone lololol!! Also if you notice that chain necklace,  I made that necklace myself out of one of a hat my mom brought for me in China long time ago.

And again this is an ootd featuring one of the things I found in my mom’s closet haha (The shirt)

So after getting my allowance I want to buy something for my mom hence the selfies in H&M after all the things she did for me despite all the drama etc, she is still my mom.


There you go Alice. Special effect for the both of us ♡

Last Teachers’ Day

Every year for Teacher’s day, all of us students wear traditional attire. It is not a must but in order to obtain the amount of people to wear it, we are given merit marks. At this time of the year, everyone is all pretttyyy and no one ever follows the rules that was given lololol (Some take it to the whole new level though) P.S I was too lazy to edit everything and this is not ALL the photo that I had (Everyone who had touch my camera) taken.

DSCN7474Waterfall braids~

DSCN7480DSCN7494Seriously, 5 years of celebrating Teacher’s Day and this year is the first year where the teachers dress up like the students. I was dying of laughter because they were all SO CUTE!!
After being in the hall for several hours, I gather with my friends at their class (Sadly I’m the only person in my gang who is in artstream *cry a river lol)
DSCN7513Jaslyn and Gaik Lean~

My running partner



he bitch

The 2nd longest friend I ever had (10 years of friendship)



n.Rajes. The only teacher that I really wanted to take picture with because I love her so hahaha I swear she’s really adorable!

And and and sorry if I didn’t write your names and stuff (Excuse my laziness) I love all of you don’t worry hahaha

fter eating and all, THE VAINING BEGIN




Come to think of it I think I was high HAHAHA just look at me omg

ook at me people JUST LOOK AT ME HAHAHA





My non biological brother

If I had not taken picture with you, don’t worry because Sports day, Prom and Graduation are coming soon!

Okay this summarized everything (I hope) I’m sorry just too lazy to edit and stuff. I’ve been out of track with my diet due to my busy life (Gosh them fats) plus I am going to be even busier during the holidays *cries. BUT I am not going to abandoned my blog~

Ending my blog with me spinning dramatically HAHAHA! HAppy Holidaysss!


Ain’t so typical

Lacking of ootd post I know. Sorry *bow down. I’ve been super busy lately and still am. The good thing is that my exams are over and the bad thing is that my schedule is still pack (Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing lol) Well anyway, to those who follows me on Twitter or a friend of mine on Facebook you’ll know what’s going on but if you don’t sorry man I’m too lazy to explain lololol

Anyway, went to the heritage area again yesterday but this time with Janise because we had a lot of catching up to do and stuff. Watch Bad Neighbors blah blah blah. I’m not really in the mood on going into details ’cause I’m sort of typing real fast now just ’cause I want to get this over with (Too many stuff to do sorry!)



We were lucky that we could actually experience them turning those old shops into those olden Victorian day-ish kinda place (Brain’s not working) and when I went today, they were making some movie or documentary I don’t know lol.




Felt ashamed that I didn’t know how to eat this so called coconut candy shit lololol






Ootd ;











Whenever there’s a friend, there’s always endless dramatic posses HAHAHAHA
Yes my ootd is really simple (Sorry!) its just that Malaysia have this bipolar weather and I need to do a lot of walking promise that there will be better ootds *cries


Honestly, this wasn’t as good as some people said. I find it fattening (Lol yes yes everything is fattening to me)

Candid random shot under the streetlight

I still fit in kid’s clothes HAHAHA


Maybe I’ll have more time to post during the holidays (which is next week) but that’s not a promise! Sport day is coming soon and I have a lot of drawings to complete so bear with my busy schedule.

People sickens me

If you’re curious, do continue reading. If the title is already offending you then go ahead and close the tab.  Just a reminder that I am not talking about EVERYONE (Obviously I don’t know 7 billion people) And no I am not spreading hate or shit like that. This is MY blog therefore I have the right to post WHATEVER I want.

You see if you know me, I get super annoyed by people. What I have observed is that people are super ignorant, youngsters or elderly.

Every time when you enter somewhere or trying to exit, obviously you have to push or pull the door, no? Yea, what do you do next? Most of the people just open and after they have completely pass through the door, they just let it be,

not caring that there’s someone else at the back of them or in front of them who are trying to pass through too and NOT caring that they have free hand(s) or not. No fucking courtesy I swear. Is it really hard for you to just help a person hold that door? And that brings another issue.

Don’t you hate it when people don’t say “thank you” to you when you help them out and stuff? Example :  You’re holding on the door for people who are about to pass through the door you pass through a few seconds ago. So you’re there thinking, I’m not in a rush, even if I’m in a rush, it’ll be super rude to slam the door on someone’s face (unless you hate them lol but that’s not the point) so you’re just standing there waiting, until the pass through it, AND obviously, you say thank you,no? YES FUCK NO. They just fucking pass through it without saying thanks or whatever like you’re invisible, LIKE you’re a doorman ( Even doormen deserve respect). i usually shout “You’re welcome” super loud but my mom always tell me to just ignore people like that.

Am I offending you yet? If I am then go ahead and exit.

Okay this is for those who have work. Once, I went Subway, I was choosing my topping and the girl who works there was asking me something that I could not hear cleaning so I say “Sorry could you repeat?” and she just ROLE HER EYES AT ME. My whole attitude just fucking changed and since she want to play it that way, I went all cold too. Okay I get it, WE (hopefully) get it that you’re tired standing there all day and stuff but you don’t have to spread your bad vibes to other people. People who just spread bad vibes to you whenever they had a bad day or just scold you for no logical reason aka moms. My mom have been so fucked up recently.

HERE my friend. Before you just me saying something like “Oh ma gosh you shouldn’t say something like that about your mom. She’s your mom” or “Don’t be such a stupid kid. Love your mom for god sake” blah blah blah. Just so you know. I was the one who cooked for her when she’s sick, run up and down the stairs to check on her every 30 minutes, ask her if she needs anything, carry her stuff, walk all the way back from school or anywhere else just so that I won’t bother her ect ect. And the reason why she is fucked up is because I think she’s just stress out so I guess that is the reason why she kept throwing shit on me. AND she never really appreciate me. After what I have done for her, she still thinks that my brother is more successful than I am. Telling her that I’m stressed out and then she say something like “Please you stressed out?” When I had to see a doctor when I was 15 because my heart hurt so bad because according to the doctor I was ‘stressed out’.

I have really high tolerance with people’s bulshit and the way people treat me. I am in the same class as a couple of idiots for two freaking years and leaving with a fucked up parents who don’t know any shit about me. And oh yea not to forget, fucked up people on the internet who judge you because they can. Lol. What? Because I look happy and shit like that which means that I am happy? Fuck you.

Okay anyway where was I? Oh yea ok anyways, society. Oh society. They judge you when you’re different. I scan and observe people really fast so this is what I’ve observed for the pass 3 hours? :

People staring at me up and down, scanning me. And some times my mom.

Even my mom is used to my creepers now lol. And to some of you who might say ” This is Malaysia. Obviously you’re gonna get judge if you’re wearing something like that” or “Don’t expect people not to stare at you when you’re wearing like that in Malaysia”

1. I am use to all the staring and all the expression on the society’s face
2. Shut up and live with it because this is my body and I wear whatever I want.
3. Girls who wear crop tops ect are those who are confident in their own skin. So don’t go fucking calling a girl a slut when they’re just confident in their own body. Confidence is a very hard thing to build especially for girls so don’t go fucking up their life when you’re not loving your body. Jealousy kills honey.
4. Who are you to judge?

large (49)



large (50)

And for those who don’t know this. You can express yourself in any form of art. Painting, dancing and even fashion. What you wear DOES NOT define who you are. So don’t go trashing about someone just because that person is wearing all black and have tattoos all over.

I still remember I once attend a church with a friend of mine. I usually wear skinny jeans and black graphic tees and spikes bracelets and stuff like that. Once after church I wen’t to the toilet with my friends and THIS GIRL who I dislike and who shall not be name stare and me like “Umm hello you’re in church and you’re wearing like that? I assume that worship satin”. Child, what did I ever do to you? LOL and I thought people who attend churches are 10x holier than those who don’t. NOT.

To make things clear. I am not insulting any religion here. I respect all gods and I do not blame god for all this. In fact, I blame society. What happen to “Accepting people for who they are”. If it is a sin to be gay then it’s a sin for you to judge.

FYI I know several people who have more than 5 piercings, have tattoos, listen to screamo ect but still the nicest people ever (Obviously nicer than that chick in that church lol)

I can go on and on and on but I have type 1163 words now lololol. And to those who read the crap I’m writing here, ALLLL the way here, I love you, we should be best friends lol. And I feel so much better now after writing a LONNNNG essay about society. Also thanks to the kid who was so fascinated about my creepers that she literally went “woah” which was adorable.


Went out with myself yesterday because I have to buy equipment for my art class (You see this is why I hate attending art classes. I have to because I need to complete my art assignment ugh) My art teacher told me to wash off all the paint that I have in my palette so he can show me the “correct” way to put paint in the palette. It’s a palette. Why would you need to do that? Zzz

I’m not the type of person who would waste paint so I decided to buy a new palette (My money…gone) and obviously to spend my time alone. It’s like a routine for me to spend time alone with nature. I haven’t found the perfect spot to do so yet but the temporary place is the seaside view they have near Queens.

Ootd :








Well this is the reason why I love to wonder around in my mom’s old closet. That jacket was my mom’s haha and I’m beginning to love it more now.

By the way, the title don’t have anything to do with this post lolol. I’m just listening to  Lies by Marina and the Diamonds.

Plus I’ve edited my blog a bit since I finally have WiFi (Not a good year to have it back zzz) but something is wrong with it though. I’m still working on it and I’ve been considering on changing my blog’s name I don’t know. Dilemma shit.

And and and this is not related as well but I had recently receive hate from saying that I am “copying” someone else’s style and I “need” to be real. Hahaha bulshit. Honestly if you know nothing about someone, don’t conclude anything AT ALL. If you don’t like my style and think that it isn’t “original” then fuck off. But I am thankful that you guys actually stalked me hahaha.

Oh the bulshit people do and say.

Drawstring backpack / Button badges

Finally finished making my backpack! I brought it out today and with the fear of it tearing because my sewing skills suck ah, but surprisingly it didn’t hoho I’m so proud of myself.






I made it out of my dad’s old leftovers (shirt) I got tons of them in my dad’s Langkawi house. Lol planing to sell them so. And I also made those button badges myself. Made them out of the old button badges. As you can see (if you can) I cover the old designs with the new with textile paint, actually whatever paint that is laying in my room lol