Vlog Trip

So this time I planned to do something different. I made a vlog throughout my trip to Cameron Highlands and took a couple of OOTDs. It is only a 5 minutes video so I would appreciate if any of you take time to view the video that I had put tons of effort in due to software problems.

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Layers on Layers

While you’re reading this, I am in the living room watching the encore of VMAs. In my opinion, this is the most dramatic VMA I had ever seen.

Back to the topic, layers on layers is trending but I only usually see Malaysians wearing just two layers. Exp : Sweater with a draped skirt. Layers on layers was trending way back in the early 20’s whereby people wear pants under skirts or spaghetti strips with and off shoulder top and the list goes on.

My favorite style icon for this trend would probably be the famous Australian stylist, Margaret Zhang. Her specialty would be layering, if you follow her on Instagram, you would probably know that she layers practically almost all of her outfits.

Mine is not as dramatic and daring as her’s because I am still a newbie on this layering thing so I was not daring enough to take such a big leap.

DSCN8235 (2)

DSCN8233 (2)

DSCN8231 (2)

DSCN8245 (2)

DSCN8247 (2)

DSCN8239 (2)

DSCN8248 (2)

Fall in Summer

I know this is not an acception for me to be gone from my blog for months. No excuses as well (I mean I have pretty decent excuses like starting college and boy does my lecturers knows how to torture us with numerous assignments). Yes, I had further my studies in college now and I’m not sure did I mention that in my last post.

I had been going out a lot for the pass months and yes I do have a couple of decent outfits but I guess the reason why I did not blog about it was because :
1. My phone have a 12MP camera but I don’t like the quality of it on my blog so I only post on Instagram (Follow me on Instagram ‘AsukaWakana’)

2. I was and AM lazy to edit so many pictures!

3. I’ve been running here and there with my phone and not enough time at home to sit down and blog. Though when I do, I will be exhausted or have nothing to blog about.

If you’re wondering how did I found the time to blog after giving so many “excuses”, well I am actually in the middle of an assignment but all I am needing is a molding board, which was not available in a common stationary shop which is WEIRD because I never know anyone know about molding board except for art students. So I can’t do anything but to wait till tomorrow which is also the due date #LastMinuteStudent #APlusStudent

Here’s an outfit from a couple of days ago :

DSCN8141 (2)

DSCN8143 (2)

DSCN8145 (2)

DSCN8156 (2)

DSCN8152 (2)

DSCN8158 (2)

DSCN8165 (2)

DSCN8175 (2)

Some people might be thinking that I am insane wearing turtlenecks in a Malaysian weather, but honestly I am obsess with turtlenecks and it was raining so I’m loving the raining season.


Late post again because I can’t seem to find the time to blog but when I do, my data is really slow. So here I am in Secret Recipe just recently suprise my boyfriend with a slice of cake since its his birthday today. He went back to M&S to change the size of his pants that I just bought for him as his birthday present.

On Thursday, Janice followed me here to Gurney to buy my boyfriend his birthday gift. It was a quick outing that is because it was the 8th day of CNY and we both have to go back home to set up for prayers.

First we head to have tea because Janice did not have her breakfast yet and I was a little hungry. We head to Winter Warmers and me and Greg had the tea set. Never really fancy the tea set in that restaurant but we have not much of a choice because Penang does not really have a decent restaurant for all British food (*sigh I wish)

Then we head for a walk and all that kinda stuff.








Don’t you hate it when you have your period and it just always make your stomach bloated? Ugh period kinda ruins everything but also a good sign to show you that you’re not pregnant lololol.

Anyway I bought this jeans for only RM33 because I shared it with a friend of mine since if you buy 2, it will only cost RM66. I got back and ripped the jeans. I like the fact that it is sort of lose on my waist and it is not that baggy. I got it in 1 size smaller than my normal Forever 21 jeans but it’s very lose compared to my jeans but I do not really mind.


Here you bitch. She kept complaining and asking me if her face is not worth my instagram so here’s your face on my blog.

Not a good season

Another late post because I always forgot to blog. I always remind myself to blog the day after the pictures are taken or, if it’s still early, I’ll do it when I’m free on that day itself but god dammit I always forgot to blog. So right now I’m on my way to Kek Lok Si with my boyfriend since he had never been there during the night time and I just shut him up from singing because I need to concentrate on what I should say haha. I even avoid talking to him and said “okay okay! Shh imma gonna blog now!”. So what is that poor boy doing in the car now other than just concentrating on the road like he should be because he is driving my mother’s car? Lip sync while doing moments with his hands haha!

Okay, during 22.02.2015 which was a Sunday (I was sick on a Saturday so I could not enjoy my Saturday nor can I work) we had a spontaneous decision to go watch a movie because we had been at home for the whole Saturday since Greg had been at home with me to take care of me ( Not much of a sitter because I have to cook lunch for myself lololol )

I only wore 2 outfits during the day 1 and 2 of the new year so I went with one of the outfit I had store up :












What was missing is a floppy hat I got but that would make more people stare since the place I’m living “contains” very narrow minded people. I ditch the hat but I regret not bringing it out for this shot.

Anyway as for the title, that is true because the weather was bloody hot and still is so this outfit made me feel super warm especially in the cinema. It’s really suitable for cold weather like autumn. I can’t wait to go to a 4 season country or just a country with lower temperature than Malaysia since I had been so obsess with NYC street look that I literally started storing up a bunch of warm clothing.

We went and watch Kingsman and all I could say is that the main character was a very fine gentleman that got my boyfriend so jealous hahaha! ( He even say “I bet you’re gonna talk about the Kingsman and how hot is the guy right?” when I was typing this paragraph )


Look how good looking he is?! Gosh I am going to stop blogging now since I kept staring at him while I type which does not make anything better.

Sekeping Victoria

Happy new year’s eve everyone! I may not be the only person who don’t really favorite Chinese new year,right? I have new years eve especially when it comes to family reunion (Exclude the food). I dislike family members who just like to ask you about everything that is happening in your life. Let’s not forget about those annoying cousins and kids. I mean don’t get me wrong. I do love kids, it’s just that sometimes they get a little too annoying, no? My cousin loves to be around me like some sort of magnet. She sticks to me all the time and me as some of you may know, I am a non sociable person sometime because once in a while, I love spending some time to myself and yes that include me pushing away my boyfriend for a couple of minutes. I just love the sound of me drinking tea and reading a good book or just go on the Internet and look at random photograph. Anyway, I am getting out of topic, to summarize everything, I just dislike to bon with people that I am forced to bon with. I guess I just have to bear with it for, after me posting this post up, I will be on my feet and head to the shower because family reunion starts soon.

Yesterday, I took a day off from work and took a romantic walk at the heritage area with Greg. Just joking. It ain’t that romantic because it was so fking hot.

We decided to go in a cafe called Sekeping Victoria since the interior design of that cafe is well designed.







When we got there,the kitchen was close even though it was only 4.50 (because they were prepared to go back home to get ready for new year’s eve I guess). So that was pretty disappointing. So I ordered a cake and two cups of coffee. I must said that I was pretty disappointed. The cake was alright but it was not photogenic while the coffee was non satisfied. I ordered flat white and it comes with foam (To those who may not know much about coffee, flat white is like a latte, just without form. Hence, the name) and Greg’s latte doesn’t have that “kick”. It was okay but I felt that there was something missing.



To top it off the disappointment chart, there were mosquitos and I am that girl who attracts mosquitos instantly that I literally have to carry a mosquito repellent with me everyone. Overall, it’s only a good place if you want to have a quite time and a cup of coffee because life is too short to waste your money on food that does not taste good.

As soon as we are done, we head for a walk down the heritage streets.






Nothing interesting happened, just us doing our daily routine when we are at that area. The last 3 pictures are not from that area but from the buildings that are bombed by the Japanese in WWII.

As a promise, outfits post will be up on the next post. ♡

Boyfriend’s sweater / Resolutions?

You may all heard about boyfriend jeans, that trending baggy jeans ( I have literally made that out of my boyfriend’s jeans, literally ) but what about sweater? Okay some of you might know this as a baggy sweater or chunky sweater or whatever you called it but me being typical, I love stealing things from the wardrobe (From my mother’s to my brother’s, and now, my boyfriend’s)

When I was in his room one day, he was asking me what to wear so I look around his wardrobe and then I saw a sweater. It was too big for him I guess then I asked if I can have it.







I pair it with my platform (High heels version). I rarely wear this shoe because when I wore it last time it kinda hurt me. But I guess now when I’m kinda used to all of this “feminine” stuff so it’s not much of a big deal for me I guess. I don’t know.


So it’s 2015 already. Wow its unbelievable that I am already 18 and graduated. I know I’m a bit late with all this 2015 thing, but whatever. People are all making new year resolutions and I never thought it was a beneficial idea. So what I want to achieve this year is pretty simple because I guess most of it is pretty much in most of everyone’s goal this year :
• Be a better version of me.
• Be wiser.
• Never let anyone tell me what to do.
• Let go of the past.
• Do more rebellious and crazy things.
• Go far with my passion.
• Have a better body figure.

As cliche as this sound, I want and will make 2015 my year.

P’s random fact : I’m here blogging while my boyfriend is driving since he gets tense during raining weather. I shall not laugh because I will be driving soon. OK.

Ain’t so typical

Lacking of ootd post I know. Sorry *bow down. I’ve been super busy lately and still am. The good thing is that my exams are over and the bad thing is that my schedule is still pack (Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing lol) Well anyway, to those who follows me on Twitter or a friend of mine on Facebook you’ll know what’s going on but if you don’t sorry man I’m too lazy to explain lololol

Anyway, went to the heritage area again yesterday but this time with Janise because we had a lot of catching up to do and stuff. Watch Bad Neighbors blah blah blah. I’m not really in the mood on going into details ’cause I’m sort of typing real fast now just ’cause I want to get this over with (Too many stuff to do sorry!)



We were lucky that we could actually experience them turning those old shops into those olden Victorian day-ish kinda place (Brain’s not working) and when I went today, they were making some movie or documentary I don’t know lol.




Felt ashamed that I didn’t know how to eat this so called coconut candy shit lololol






Ootd ;











Whenever there’s a friend, there’s always endless dramatic posses HAHAHAHA
Yes my ootd is really simple (Sorry!) its just that Malaysia have this bipolar weather and I need to do a lot of walking promise that there will be better ootds *cries


Honestly, this wasn’t as good as some people said. I find it fattening (Lol yes yes everything is fattening to me)

Candid random shot under the streetlight

I still fit in kid’s clothes HAHAHA


Maybe I’ll have more time to post during the holidays (which is next week) but that’s not a promise! Sport day is coming soon and I have a lot of drawings to complete so bear with my busy schedule.