Late post again because I can’t seem to find the time to blog but when I do, my data is really slow. So here I am in Secret Recipe just recently suprise my boyfriend with a slice of cake since its his birthday today. He went back to M&S to change the size of his pants that I just bought for him as his birthday present.

On Thursday, Janice followed me here to Gurney to buy my boyfriend his birthday gift. It was a quick outing that is because it was the 8th day of CNY and we both have to go back home to set up for prayers.

First we head to have tea because Janice did not have her breakfast yet and I was a little hungry. We head to Winter Warmers and me and Greg had the tea set. Never really fancy the tea set in that restaurant but we have not much of a choice because Penang does not really have a decent restaurant for all British food (*sigh I wish)

Then we head for a walk and all that kinda stuff.








Don’t you hate it when you have your period and it just always make your stomach bloated? Ugh period kinda ruins everything but also a good sign to show you that you’re not pregnant lololol.

Anyway I bought this jeans for only RM33 because I shared it with a friend of mine since if you buy 2, it will only cost RM66. I got back and ripped the jeans. I like the fact that it is sort of lose on my waist and it is not that baggy. I got it in 1 size smaller than my normal Forever 21 jeans but it’s very lose compared to my jeans but I do not really mind.


Here you bitch. She kept complaining and asking me if her face is not worth my instagram so here’s your face on my blog.


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