Boyfriend’s sweater / Resolutions?

You may all heard about boyfriend jeans, that trending baggy jeans ( I have literally made that out of my boyfriend’s jeans, literally ) but what about sweater? Okay some of you might know this as a baggy sweater or chunky sweater or whatever you called it but me being typical, I love stealing things from the wardrobe (From my mother’s to my brother’s, and now, my boyfriend’s)

When I was in his room one day, he was asking me what to wear so I look around his wardrobe and then I saw a sweater. It was too big for him I guess then I asked if I can have it.







I pair it with my platform (High heels version). I rarely wear this shoe because when I wore it last time it kinda hurt me. But I guess now when I’m kinda used to all of this “feminine” stuff so it’s not much of a big deal for me I guess. I don’t know.


So it’s 2015 already. Wow its unbelievable that I am already 18 and graduated. I know I’m a bit late with all this 2015 thing, but whatever. People are all making new year resolutions and I never thought it was a beneficial idea. So what I want to achieve this year is pretty simple because I guess most of it is pretty much in most of everyone’s goal this year :
• Be a better version of me.
• Be wiser.
• Never let anyone tell me what to do.
• Let go of the past.
• Do more rebellious and crazy things.
• Go far with my passion.
• Have a better body figure.

As cliche as this sound, I want and will make 2015 my year.

P’s random fact : I’m here blogging while my boyfriend is driving since he gets tense during raining weather. I shall not laugh because I will be driving soon. OK.


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