Teenage dirthbag

Supposed to haunt for canvases and art stuff yesterday but when we (Abi and I) reach the store, it was close due to a public holiday. Abi wanted to watch a movie and decided to head to Gurney since she said there’s more options. Watch Edge of Tomorrow and I thought it was going to be boring at the starting because (Spoiler alert) they kept repeating the same day again but to my surprise it was not a bad movie. Abi on the other hand was having a brain fart whereby she did not understand the ending.

Did nothing much at Gurney though and I did not buy anything. I’m far too lazy to talk to much now since I’m deciding to head to Queens for my precious Mexican food since I’m a bit morose for I don’t know what god damn reason.

Ootd ;

 was too tired to dress up and haunt for shirt. Plus I need more crop tops (I never buy my crop tops, I DIY all of them)
And that grunge-ish checker outwear, I cut the sleeves off (Sorry not sorry mom since its been in my closet for years)




Dah face and if you notice, Abigail is a terrible photographer.


o not ever buy that coconut water, seriously. Its a waste of my 8 bucks gosh it taste contaminated.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2
When there’s Abi, there’s countless of photo of us camwhoring.

K bye. I need my food. Woke up at 3 P.M today and I only drank smoothie (Where did my appetite gone to?)

P.S Yes the title is from the show itself lol


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