People sickens me

If you’re curious, do continue reading. If the title is already offending you then go ahead and close the tab.  Just a reminder that I am not talking about EVERYONE (Obviously I don’t know 7 billion people) And no I am not spreading hate or shit like that. This is MY blog therefore I have the right to post WHATEVER I want.

You see if you know me, I get super annoyed by people. What I have observed is that people are super ignorant, youngsters or elderly.

Every time when you enter somewhere or trying to exit, obviously you have to push or pull the door, no? Yea, what do you do next? Most of the people just open and after they have completely pass through the door, they just let it be,

not caring that there’s someone else at the back of them or in front of them who are trying to pass through too and NOT caring that they have free hand(s) or not. No fucking courtesy I swear. Is it really hard for you to just help a person hold that door? And that brings another issue.

Don’t you hate it when people don’t say “thank you” to you when you help them out and stuff? Example :  You’re holding on the door for people who are about to pass through the door you pass through a few seconds ago. So you’re there thinking, I’m not in a rush, even if I’m in a rush, it’ll be super rude to slam the door on someone’s face (unless you hate them lol but that’s not the point) so you’re just standing there waiting, until the pass through it, AND obviously, you say thank you,no? YES FUCK NO. They just fucking pass through it without saying thanks or whatever like you’re invisible, LIKE you’re a doorman ( Even doormen deserve respect). i usually shout “You’re welcome” super loud but my mom always tell me to just ignore people like that.

Am I offending you yet? If I am then go ahead and exit.

Okay this is for those who have work. Once, I went Subway, I was choosing my topping and the girl who works there was asking me something that I could not hear cleaning so I say “Sorry could you repeat?” and she just ROLE HER EYES AT ME. My whole attitude just fucking changed and since she want to play it that way, I went all cold too. Okay I get it, WE (hopefully) get it that you’re tired standing there all day and stuff but you don’t have to spread your bad vibes to other people. People who just spread bad vibes to you whenever they had a bad day or just scold you for no logical reason aka moms. My mom have been so fucked up recently.

HERE my friend. Before you just me saying something like “Oh ma gosh you shouldn’t say something like that about your mom. She’s your mom” or “Don’t be such a stupid kid. Love your mom for god sake” blah blah blah. Just so you know. I was the one who cooked for her when she’s sick, run up and down the stairs to check on her every 30 minutes, ask her if she needs anything, carry her stuff, walk all the way back from school or anywhere else just so that I won’t bother her ect ect. And the reason why she is fucked up is because I think she’s just stress out so I guess that is the reason why she kept throwing shit on me. AND she never really appreciate me. After what I have done for her, she still thinks that my brother is more successful than I am. Telling her that I’m stressed out and then she say something like “Please you stressed out?” When I had to see a doctor when I was 15 because my heart hurt so bad because according to the doctor I was ‘stressed out’.

I have really high tolerance with people’s bulshit and the way people treat me. I am in the same class as a couple of idiots for two freaking years and leaving with a fucked up parents who don’t know any shit about me. And oh yea not to forget, fucked up people on the internet who judge you because they can. Lol. What? Because I look happy and shit like that which means that I am happy? Fuck you.

Okay anyway where was I? Oh yea ok anyways, society. Oh society. They judge you when you’re different. I scan and observe people really fast so this is what I’ve observed for the pass 3 hours? :

People staring at me up and down, scanning me. And some times my mom.

Even my mom is used to my creepers now lol. And to some of you who might say ” This is Malaysia. Obviously you’re gonna get judge if you’re wearing something like that” or “Don’t expect people not to stare at you when you’re wearing like that in Malaysia”

1. I am use to all the staring and all the expression on the society’s face
2. Shut up and live with it because this is my body and I wear whatever I want.
3. Girls who wear crop tops ect are those who are confident in their own skin. So don’t go fucking calling a girl a slut when they’re just confident in their own body. Confidence is a very hard thing to build especially for girls so don’t go fucking up their life when you’re not loving your body. Jealousy kills honey.
4. Who are you to judge?

large (49)



large (50)

And for those who don’t know this. You can express yourself in any form of art. Painting, dancing and even fashion. What you wear DOES NOT define who you are. So don’t go trashing about someone just because that person is wearing all black and have tattoos all over.

I still remember I once attend a church with a friend of mine. I usually wear skinny jeans and black graphic tees and spikes bracelets and stuff like that. Once after church I wen’t to the toilet with my friends and THIS GIRL who I dislike and who shall not be name stare and me like “Umm hello you’re in church and you’re wearing like that? I assume that worship satin”. Child, what did I ever do to you? LOL and I thought people who attend churches are 10x holier than those who don’t. NOT.

To make things clear. I am not insulting any religion here. I respect all gods and I do not blame god for all this. In fact, I blame society. What happen to “Accepting people for who they are”. If it is a sin to be gay then it’s a sin for you to judge.

FYI I know several people who have more than 5 piercings, have tattoos, listen to screamo ect but still the nicest people ever (Obviously nicer than that chick in that church lol)

I can go on and on and on but I have type 1163 words now lololol. And to those who read the crap I’m writing here, ALLLL the way here, I love you, we should be best friends lol. And I feel so much better now after writing a LONNNNG essay about society. Also thanks to the kid who was so fascinated about my creepers that she literally went “woah” which was adorable.


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