Went out with myself yesterday because I have to buy equipment for my art class (You see this is why I hate attending art classes. I have to because I need to complete my art assignment ugh) My art teacher told me to wash off all the paint that I have in my palette so he can show me the “correct” way to put paint in the palette. It’s a palette. Why would you need to do that? Zzz

I’m not the type of person who would waste paint so I decided to buy a new palette (My money…gone) and obviously to spend my time alone. It’s like a routine for me to spend time alone with nature. I haven’t found the perfect spot to do so yet but the temporary place is the seaside view they have near Queens.

Ootd :








Well this is the reason why I love to wonder around in my mom’s old closet. That jacket was my mom’s haha and I’m beginning to love it more now.

By the way, the title don’t have anything to do with this post lolol. I’m just listening to  Lies by Marina and the Diamonds.

Plus I’ve edited my blog a bit since I finally have WiFi (Not a good year to have it back zzz) but something is wrong with it though. I’m still working on it and I’ve been considering on changing my blog’s name I don’t know. Dilemma shit.

And and and this is not related as well but I had recently receive hate from saying that I am “copying” someone else’s style and I “need” to be real. Hahaha bulshit. Honestly if you know nothing about someone, don’t conclude anything AT ALL. If you don’t like my style and think that it isn’t “original” then fuck off. But I am thankful that you guys actually stalked me hahaha.

Oh the bulshit people do and say.


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